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Couples Experiencing Sexless Relationships. 


Male and female loss of sexual desire

 Erectile dysfunction

                  Sexless marriages                   

 Couples sexual enhancement  

I have over ten years of experience in clinical practice and education and I am skilled in working with a variety of sexual issues. I subscribe to a sex-positive perspective, which enables me to provide my clients with a safe and non-judgmental setting where they can explore their issues without having to experience shame. 

Humans are sexual and social beings and as such, we have an innate need to relate with others and to feel and be sexual.  Our sexuality is part of our identities and it is unique to each specific individual. Sexuality and relationships are each one of the many domains comprising a person’s system.  When one domain is hurting, the entire system is affected.  The specific culture of a person, their upbringing, and their overall life experiences, make up their general perception of their self and their world, which determines how they are able to view and approach their own sexuality and relationships.  

A sexual problem is a symptom of dysfunctions that have occurred in the person’s past and/or current life.  These dysfunctions need not be sexual in nature, for example, they can evolve as a consequence of being bullied, or from having controlling-parents or partners. In other cases, the dysfunctions are sexual in nature, such as in the case of sexual trauma. Therefore, when a person or the couple experience sexual problems, I begin with the exploration of what might be happening in the entire system of the individual and in the context of their relationship.  Frequently, by resolving the source of the problem, the initial sexual problem tends to resolve as a result of the therapeutic work that was done on the other aspects of the person’s life.

Before I became a sex therapist, I was first a licensed psychotherapist, a couples’ counselor, and a life coach.  I then underwent a long certification process in order to become certified in sex therapy. I have also taught several college level psychology and human sexuality courses. I am currently in the process of writing my doctoral dissertation which is related to sexuality and marriage.  I utilize updated scientific findings in my work as a psychotherapist and I am skilled in treating the whole person. This means that I consider all aspects of a person’s life (within the individual and their environment), which may be contributing to his or her sexual problems.

The modalities I use to treat sexual problems include, Cognitive behavioral Therapy, EMDR, Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, and Humanistic Systems Theory, and I draw from the Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Attachment, and the Gottman’s 7 Principles.

Common Areas That I Treat:


General sexual anxiety and inhibition    Sexual addiction/sexual compulsive behaviors    Erectile dysfunction

Loss of sexual desire    Adult survivors of child sexual abuse    Premature Ejaculation

Sexual trauma  •  Sexual incompatibility between partners  •  Couples sexual enhancement    Sexless marriages

Alternative lifestyle exploration    Infidelity  •  Lack of trust    Communication problems

 Loss of connection or intimacy  •  Marriage crisis   Aggression

 Lack of respect •  Lack of compassion and mutual regard

 Boundaries issues or becoming your spouse's “doormat” •  Sexless marriage    Feeling bored with your sex life

Being in love with your partner but having erotic fantasies with other people

Lack of bodily sexual response to your partner or anyone  • Feeling controlled by your sexual desires

 Feelings of shame  •  Feelings of guilt about your sexual behaviors

Hiding your sexual behaviors from your partner

  Feeling like you have a great relationship with your partner except when it comes to sex

  Feeling like you have great sex with your partner but the rest of your relationship is suffering

I welcome individuals who are part of sexual minority groups including the LGBT community, Polyamorous individuals, swingers, sex workers, kinky (BDSM, fetishes, etc.).

I’m very knowledgeable and comfortable working with a variety of relational structures, and have experience working with a diverse range of religious, ethnic, and cultural intersections that often come up in this type of work.

I am passionate about sexology and the complex dynamics of relationships. I am dedicated to treating individuals and couples with a variety of relational and sexual issues.